Concept: Using Machines to Beat Machines

Clients: We provide services mostly to a select group of private clients

We are not a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency. SEO companies (of which there are many) engage in the same practice but without any special tools, insights or special ability.

we are application developers with a long history of developing software that assists companies in understanding Google and improving their search positions. we've been developing in the search space for over 8 years. I have a long history decoding Google, using the knowledge of how large systems and big data works technically to develop strategies, insights and techniques that allow our clients to rank high in Google with the most authentic and stable positions possible.

How we work: We work with clients who come to us from very different places and history, according to what they have tried in the past, specifically what mistakes they have made, and where they are right now, we often go backwards before we can go forwards, sometimes undoing mistakes and repairing previous damage before being able to begin building the picture that we want Google to see.

Google's understanding of the Internet is about links and content, we specialize in creating websites, hosting websites, creating unique content for them sites which includes the right type of links, on the right type of domains to give Google what they demand, in the most authentic way possible. Google analyse everything, especially the trust of the domains that are competing to rank, the type and quality of links pointing to them, the quality of the content on the sites being ranked.

What makes us unique is the bespoke tools and systems that we have developed and use. The tools we have are fundamental for creating and managing high quality content as well as analyzing links. There are three main tools that we use which are developed in house.

1st of 3 tools is The Link Auditors